There’s no doubt that timber frame houses have been growing in popularity over the past 10 years with a rapid increase in the amount of new builds choosing timber frame. For over 20 years TTFC have been providing a superior building method that benefits clients in efficiency and versatility.



TTFC have a design team with over 50 years’ combined experience, and as a result we can provide you with invaluable knowledge and support whilst guiding you through your project’s design. Our manufacturing facility can fit external windows, doors and internal conduits for sockets and switches, and with design and manufacturing all under one roof you can rest assure that last minute tweaks will be taken on board and achieved.



The majority of the timber frame structure is manufactured in a factory controlled environment, as a result you as the client will have a quality product delivered to site.



Decisions which affect the ‘economic comfort’ requirement are the thermal resistance, thermal mass and thermal response of the roof, walls and floor and the thermal performance, natural lighting and ventilation characteristics of the windows and doors. These decisions are the major influences on the overall level of building heat loss, on the amount of solar energy collected and on the usefulness of this energy, i.e. on the space heating requirement.



Overall build costs are reduced by the shortened construction period and reduced running costs with thermally enhanced panel design.



Timber Frame construction offers a high energy saving solution offering different levels of thermal performance, tailor-made to your specification. From a bespoke design, factory quality manufacture and experienced installation crews, adds up to a process giving high performance product, yet lowering your Carbon Footprint in sustainable method.



Off-site fabrication speeds up on site activities. The potential to accelerate the construction process is gained by removing on site procedures. A standard 2 story house can be erected and watertight within three weeks. A timber frame build is erected 30% faster than a traditional build.



From the outset, a design/project manager is appointed to guide you through the design and manufacture process, keeping in regular contact up to the delivery date. It is then handed to our construction department who, along with our erection crew, complete the construction phase, communicating on a daily basis right up to completion.



  • All our timber suppliers are PEFC certified – Ensuring products are sourced responsibly and environmentally with a robust chain of custody.
  • Timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material.
  • For every cubic meter of wood used instead of other building materials, 0.8 tonnes of CO2 is saved from the atmosphere.
  • Strength for strength, concrete uses 5 times (and steel uses 6 times) more energy to produce than timber.