whytimberframe_1The benefits of timber frame construction are now being reflected in the new homes market in the UK, where the majority of newly built homes are timber frame.  Unsurprising since all around Northern Europe, with our similar cold, wet climate, it has long been the preferred method of building.

Although there are many benefits to building with a timber frame, externally it would be hard to determine any difference once the building is finished as the flexibility of this method of construction allows for the external walls to be finished in a wide range of materials.  A brick finish on their own foundations is often the most likely choice. The range is vast and includes various render finishes, timber, metal and an increasing range of cladding materials, which are hung directly on the timber frame.

Although the exterior may not look different from a masonry building, in reality the inside is more than likely better insulated than a traditional building as the engineered timber framework provides a more flexible carrier which enables higher levels of insulation to be fitted very cost effectively thereby taking advantage of the benefits of timber frame inside the building without compromising on the external finish outside.

Whatever your choice of building at TTFC we can design the frame to match your specific requirements.

The structure of a timber frame house

A masonry building and a timber frame will both have timber flooring and timber roof, and often the internal walls too.  A timber frame building also uses structural quality timber to provide an engineered framework of internal and external walls to provide a long lasting, durable building with a life expectancy matching a masonry building.

timberframe-diagramThe illustration (right) indicates a timber frame structure:

  1. (1) : Inner lining of plasterboard
  2. (2) : Structural timber frame
  3. (3) : Stainless steel wall tie
  4. (4) : Vapour check
  5. (5) : Thick insulating quilt – CFC free
  6. (6) : Sheathing board
  7. (7) : Waterproof breather membrane
  8. (8) : Brick or block outer cladding
  9. (9) : Clear wall cavity