In 2010, TTFC completed a self-build closed panel timber frame house in Kilkenny, Ireland. The 4,500sqft house was completed in just 2 weeks with the overall package including:

  • 0.14W/m2K External Wall U-Value
  • Metal Web Floor Joists
  • Attic truss with flooring



We asked the client how the house has performed over the years recently and this is what they had to say:

  1. What were the 3 key benefits to you  in using TTFC and your chosen method of closed panel timber frame?

By choosing TTFC we initially gained control on the overall completion time on our project as the production & erection times were finite and delivered on time. It was amazing to see the structure erected to roof level in under two weeks.

The project cost was also controlled as this method of build allowed us to plan the house out well in advance & “walk through” the rooms over & over to ensure we had what we wanted before it went into production.

Building our own house was a huge undertaking & can be quite stressful –  we found security & comfort dealing with TTFC during this.


  1. How was your experience in using TTFC?

As we were managing the project by ourselves the choice of our construction partners was most important. We had never taken on anything of this scale before and needed  someone we could work with & trust.  TTFC from the very beginning through completion & snagging stage proved to be most courteous, professional & reliable.  


  1. How has the house performed? – i.e running costs, heating bills etc:

Our house is performing very well – our house is approx 4,500 sq feet and our total costs for all heating, hot water, electricity etc annually is approximately €2,000 .. We used a geothermal heat pump & underfloor heating to compliment the structure & The house temperature is just right. We find we do not even require the heating zone on in the south facing side of the house due to solar gain and the heat retention qualities of the house. We find it great that there are no other running costs. The house is & feels “Solid”.. which was a concern we initially had before deciding on the closed panel timber frame system v’s block. 


  1. Would you recommend TTFC?

I would highly recommend to anyone considering building their own house or commercial project that they use TTFC. If we decided to build again TTFC would be our first choice. As business owners our principles are Integrity, Courtesy & Respect and we found these to be matched by TTFC in all our dealings.