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The Timber Frame Company otherwise known as TTFC has been fabricating Timber Frame Houses since 1995. Through extensive product development TTFC remains at the forefront of modern building technology. Our Closed Panel Timber Frame building system has been developed over a number of years and follows on from our experience of working with Open Panel Timber frame, then SIP’s (structurally insulated panels) and culminating in our fully Closed panel timber frame system. TTFC are the only company to turn a client's own architects' drawings into a comprehensive fully designed and built Closed Panel wall system, in which Windows, Insulation, Air Tight Membrane, High Density Plasterboard and Electrical Conduits are all factory installed. These complete wall panels are delivered to site and erected giving our clients a completely engineered, watertight timber frame structure which is ready for finishing as they wish. We are the market leader in sustainable manufactured off-site buildings. Our popular Closed Panel System gives a wind and watertight building, often within the space of a couple of weeks. Our Closed Panel Timber Frame System reduces the number of other sub-contractors on site helping our clients to organize a faster build time and our supervised factory manufacture ensures a high quality and efficient construction process.